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but the equipment needed forren door growing. the first available marijuana will be in august. >>> julia robert playing an evil queen. and we'll give you our take on mirror mirror. >>> this is fox deal. that is more than a $3,000 value so it's more than half off deal. or you can get four nights in a two berm villa 40 miles north of cabo to get in on the deal, go to myfoxdc.com and look at my fox half off on the right- hand side of the page. >> if that is my view, i'll take it. >>> this weekend there's something for you at the box office. joining us right now is our movie reviewer kevin mccartney. >> good morning. it's like a mirror mirror by the. >> okay. mirror mirror. >> terrible joke. >> but we had to go there. i think people will be interested in this. julia roberts. what do you think of this movie? it's a snow white movie and julia roberts in t what did you think? >> i was worried on the film based on the trailer. it was terrible. you're like gosh. hollywood is completely out of ideas. i didn't want to seat film based on the trailer. you walk in and you see the stunning visuals done by sam
out there. coming up, a new poll shows about gay marriage. >> julia roberts gets in touch with their inner evil queen. >> this weekend hollywood has a new take on a disney classic. >> some big stars are lending their talents to the fairy tale. arch campbell joins us. >> i think if you are a movie star, it is always a fairy tale. julia roberts tweaks her image and "mirror mirror." >> i will do my best. >> julia roberts fusses about her looks, her waistline, and her bank account. she sets her sights on a handsome prince. he is stuck on snow white played by lilly collins. >> i live here. i have for a while. i am kind of a princess. >> forget about the old story this has the seven dwarves as band-aids -- bandits living in the forest. two and a half stars, pg. >> i need your help. >> also opening, "wrath of the titans." >> i volunteer as tribute. >> how big candy "the hunger games" get? wait until this weekend and put it at the top of the list for the best bet. >> we had a question from the audience. it is very key. "extremely loud and incredibly close" comes to dvd this weeken
's sweetheart. julia roberts in times square. dishing on a wicked new role. >> oh, george, good morning, america. well -- >>> hello, everyone. happy friday. we have a lot to get to today including the tornadoes. look at this in michigan. touching down there. this is the farthest north a twister has hit michigan this early in the season. we saw whole mocks of home, look at that right there, whole blocks of home torn up. >>> we'll have the latest on the american on soldier accused of kill something many civilians in afghanistan. what his new lawyer says is the real story behind this. >>> also, it's friday. we'll have a little fun as well. let's look at a little eye candy there. jennifer lopez. a great new dress right there. she's opening up, telling us about her split with marc antony. >>> and we look forward to your conversation with jewel ra roberts. >>> we begin with the extremely rare and destructive twisters outside of detroit. ginger zee is in dexter, michigan. >> reporter: there were three tornadoes reported in eastern michigan yesterday. the one that devastated the home behind me and compl
. superstar, julia roberts, here in times square dishing about who she's obsessed with, her new role and how she's found her own happily ever after. >> oh, george, good morning, america. well -- >>> hello, everyone. happy friday. we have a lot to get to today including the tornadoes. look at this in michigan. touching down there. this is the farthest north a twister has hit michigan this early in the season. we saw whole blocks of homes, look at that right there, whole blocks of homes torn up. >> sam said to see this in mid march is so incredibly rare. >>> we'll have the latest on the american soldier accused of shooting so many civilians in afghanistan. what his new lawyer says is the real story behind this. he could be named today, once he is formally charged. >> he just hired that lawyer. talked to the family members already. >>> also, it's friday. so we're going to have a little fun as well. let's have a look at a little eye candy there, jennifer lopez. great new dress right there. she's opening up, telling us how she really feels about her split with marc anthony. why
. >> army hammer sat down to talk about working with julia roberts. stay with us.  ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast speeds. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small businesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best technology rules. ver in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) there's no doubt in my mind that komen's funding helped saved my life. the 3-day is my opportunity to help save others' lives. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>> what are you doing? puppy love. what am i supposed to do with a puppy? >> you remember this guy. he played twins
. >> there is a brand new version of a classic tale. >> next our vee view of "mirror, mirror" with julia roberts. >> stay with us. ?çççççççççççççço >>> we want to tell you about a bay area success story. it's a job training program for low income people and it's really showing remarkable results here is tonight's focus on solutions report. this is a modern day version of a one-room school house arc dult was a wide range of back grounds studying how to get a job. >> we have students who have never touched a computer before. that barely speak evening skplish students might have a master's degree or a doctorate. >> this is set up to feel like a busy office than a school. students working on english others are learning computer skills and polishing resumes or practicing juror job interviews. >> i learn lots of new skill autos everyone works at their own level. they share one thing. >> they're struggling. 99% have children. they need to support. >> nancy and her husband founded the institute 20 years ago. thinking about 140 students per year, some in the united states on political asylu
holiday. >>> and more of my interview with julia roberts. "mirror mirror" open this weekend. there she is playing an evil queen. she opened up more about her kids. what they think about her career. we learn about the actress who awes her the most. >> so pretty. >> she sure is. >>> first, news from josh. >>> breaking news this morning. we're following it for you. a man under arrest right now for trying to board a plane with explosives. pierre thomas is here with the latest. good morning to you, pierre. >> reporter: hi, josh, the details are just coming in, but here's what we know. a 29-year-old man was taken into police custody for trying to board a flight to san francisco this morning while carrying a bottle filled with explosives. a pyrotechnic powder. he was carrying three fireworks, too. he told authorities he was only, quote, fooling around with the material, and simply forgot they were in his backpack. agents are running a background check. ened did not find any evidence of terrorist. authorities are checking him to see if he had another item that could have allowed him to make a
, this weekend that story is being told with a twist. we'll hear from julia roberts in her role as the evil queen. jessica? >>> you planning a vacation that involves a sleigh i'll bring you insider secrets to the airport and the airplane. we'll get you priority seating right away. you're watching 9news now. >>> happy friday, everyone. temperatures starting out in the 30s and 40s this morning. colder north and west of town, including frederick where temperatures will be in the mid- 30s at this hour. temperatures getting only into the upper 30s in frederick and hagerstown by 9:30. upper 40s in downtown. but by noon most of us should be into the 50s and we'll see some increasing cloudiness throughout the afternoon today. we should be staying dry, though, for the day. lower 40s by 4:00 in the downtown area. and then 60 by around 6:00 as you're heading back home tonight. it will be milder tonight but then we'll see clouds and some showers sticking around late tonight. a chance of showers after midnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. here mike and andrea. >> thank you, anny. >>> the classic tale
nobody knew that julia roberts had just gotten married. >> can you imagine that? >> and you write i felt like i had been pumped by the universe because this was not the life you imaged for yourself. >> yes. it's not the life i was living in hollywood. i do remember they were having a debate about financing and iraq and all the stuff happened, and there was a pause for one second, and i said julia roberts got married today, you know, and half the people at the table didn't know who julia roberts was. but that was really my -- i had just come from l.a., and this was a hot topic. shock. >> yeah. >> now, of course, you live in new york. george stephanopoulos, the cohost of "good morning america." and you relocated him. has being around him increased your interest in politics, or do you still kind of shy away from politics in >> well, i would say what's happening in our country interests me in politics. you know, he doesn't -- we don't talk a lot about politics. that's not our pillow talk politics. and certainly he's been talking about it all day. he doesn't want to talk about it with me. we
, who's the fairest of them all? >> julia roberts gets an answer she doesn't like in "mirror mile an hour roar." she plays the evil queen in this retelling of the classic tale. she's got her eyes on a handsome prince, played by the social network's armey hammer, but he likes another woman. it's rated p.g. >> you'll number prison forever. now we're breaking free. >> demigods attack in "wrath of the titans." sam worthington is in this followup. he's the half human son of zeus, played by liam neson, but ice under attack from his brother, hades, leading to a battle that will decide the fate of earth. it's rated pg-13. sean williams scott puts a hockey player on ice. he's a bar bouncer who gets to try out with a minor league team after showing some talent with his fist. the problem is, he can't skate. but, every team needs an enforcer, and he soon finds himself rising through the ranks. "goon" is rated r. fighting of a different sort is on display in "bully qutsdz. this documentary follows five families affected by harassment at school. it shows firsthand the torment some students are
this year. this one stars julia roberts and newcomer lilly collins. though critics like it, men aren't likely to. it should earn around 20 million this weekend. and finally, and we do mean finally, lindsay lohan's probation is over. >> my girl is free! >> some said it would never happen. yesterday the judge gave lohan credit for committeeing her community service and therapy. and left her with some advice, stop nightclubing and focus on your work. i keep telling bill that. >> if you can be on top of your game and nightclub and work, why not? >> right. but we question if you're at the top of your game. i'm still on the fence about that. >>> this comes to us from wave 3 news in louisville, kentucky. in henryville, indiana, precious items thought to be claimed by this month's deadly tornado are being saved. priceless family photos that were ripped, muddied and mangled by the twister's fury are being rescued by a small photography student yoi. the mom and pop operation is using digital technology in a race to save and restore the images electronically and all for free, giving victims a p
winner julia roberts is an evil queen in "mirror mirror." it's a retelling of the snow white legend but this time it sees the eyes of the queen. >> that gives you an idea of what you can see this weekend at the movie theaters. the question is what kind of weather are we going to have. i'm going to be at the 19th street baptist church for the unveiling of the signs around that church. we're going to be outside tomorrow morning. >> if you're going to be outside, i think you want to pack just a little up bela. only a -- umbrella. only a slight chance after sprinkle and it may be feeling chilly, especially to start the morning off because of the clouds hanging out. also good movie weather but if you have outside plans,jc, no need to cancel. still go ahead and stick to those plans because it may be a little chilly but nothing too intense to deal with. let's like at your michael & son weather camera and start off your forecast here. we're looking at cloudy skies. the clouds moving in. temperature only 50 degrees and the winds are calm at this hour. we'll try to get to low 60s today. here'
diferente cuenta con las actuaciones estelares de julia roberts. el documental nos enteramos que nos enteramos que más de 18 millones de jóvenes estudiantes serán acosados de forma abusiva por compañeros de escuela, en el documental se sigue en la historia de varios estudiantes como consultores y padres deben lidiar con esta problemática y cómo los estudiantes sobreviven día tras día. buen amigo de entre estrellas del vestido por el momento recuerde que oyes viernes y ella quedó en forma de todos los eventos del área así que divierta se. >> sulema: ya está con nosotros jimmy corrales ¿cuantos millones ganaste? >> jimmy: nuestros equipos capitalinos les fue muy bien esta noche así que arrancamos en la mls ya que nuestro dc united ganó cuatro goles por no al dallas mañana continúa las acciones y después de una jornada de descanso el actual campeón galaxy se va a enfrentar al no de inglaterra revolución en el preolímpico de la concacaf atención todo está listo para que mañana conozcamos cuáles son las dos elecciones que irán a londres la selección son 23 del s
, this one stars julia roberts and lilly collins. it should earn about 20 million. >> i'm looking forward to it. can't wait. first time i ever heard of it. >> liar. >>> finally, we do mean finally, hopefully, lindsay lohan's probation is over. yesterday the judge gave lohan credit for completing her community service. >> good job. >> she left her with one piece of simple advice, stop nightclubing, focus on your work. >> my work is nightclubing. >> oh! there you go. >> it preps me for the show. >> i should have gone into meteorology. i into you it. >> it's so much easier. >> true. >>> this comes from wave, wave 3 news in louisville, kentucky or nearby henryville, indiana. precious items thought to be claimed by this month's deadly tornado are being saved. priceless family photos that were ripped, muddied and otherwise mangled are being rescued by a small photography studio. the mom and pop operation is using digital technology in a race to save and restore the images electronically and they're doing it all for free. they're giving victims, of course, a picture of hope. what a great idea. >
. >> this doesn't fit. >> you must have shrunk it! >> i knew i was the same size. >> julia roberts still a pretty woman but this time in mirror, mirror. up next, roberts and the actress who played snow white sat down with movie reviewer kevin mccarthy. back in a moment.  never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) there's no doubt in my mind that komen's funding helped saved my life. the 3-day is my opportunity to help save others' lives. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>> she wants played tinkerbell. hard to remember that. now, julia roberts is taking on a much more formidable fantasy character, the queen from snow white. >> kevin mccarthy spoke with julia who is playing snow white in the new movie. >> i loved watching you play this dual personality character in the film. i think it is always fascinating. going back over your other fi
's a star studded movie weekend. julia roberts does her take as the evil queen in a classic childrens' story remake. and liam neeson plays god, a greek god anyway, in a sequel to "clash of the titans" wgn entertainment reporter dean richards has his reviews. >> it's the sequel to the 2010 mythological mash up, "clash of the titans" ... "wrath of the titans". after unleashing and then conquering the monster in the original film, sam worthington is at it again--reluctantly, content with living a quiet life, raising his young son when his father -- the mighty zeus, calls upon him to help fight off an impending evil force. he turns them down until destruction looms, and the world is threatened, setting off one good gods/bad gods battle scene after another. i did not go in expecting much out of "wrath of the titans", and i got it. there is a razor thin plot line sometimes silly dialogue, and marginal acting, but it's a harmless roller coaster ride of mind candy action, and a mini lesson in greek mythology. so i gave it a dean's list grade of c +. >>mirror, mirror on the wall ... who's the fair
of them all. julia roberts. tomorrow, she's one on one with george. >> oh, george. >> only on -- >> gooood morning, america. >> only on abc. >>> great crowd out here in times square this morning. some kentucky fans. i had so much fun with julia roberts. she's so great in the new movie. we're going to show it here. i guess we're not. she place the evil witch. it's hilarious. >> looked like you got along very well. >> she's really funny in the movie. >> the crew was talking about how lovely, lovely she is. julia roberts, no relation, here on "good morning america" tomorrow. >>> you know what o is here tod? tiger woods. he's signing autographs. he's in a suit! wait a minute. we're going to try a little golf. we'll see how he does today. >> some trash talking. >> well, i'm outside. i can do it now. >> a new show, a lot of excitement for the premier of "missing." what is the line? >> i'm not cia, i'm a mother look for her son! >> you got it. >> we'll have her explain the show. it looks great. coming up. >>> you have deals and steals here. >> i do. i'm going to head on over. tory is here. this i
easter holiday. >>> and more of my interview with julia roberts. she opened up more about her kids. we learn about the actress who awes her the most. >>> we have news from josh. >>> we're following it for you. man under arrest trying to board a plane with explosives. pierre thomas is here with the latest. >> reporter: the details just coming in. a 29-year-old man was taken into police custody for trying to board a flight to san francisco this morning for carrying a bottle filled with explosives. he was care wing three fireworks. he said he was fooling around with the materials and forgot they were in the backpack. agents are running a background check. authorities are checking him to see if he had another item that could have allowed him to make a powerful device. for now, the bomb squad is analyzing the items seized. >>> now the an abc news exclusive. the first video of george zimmerman in police custody minutes after the trayvon martin shooting. you see him entering the police department, hands cuffed behind his back. the images sho no apparent signs of blood. it would seem to contra
the prince, sat down with kevin mccarthy to talk about working with julia roberts their one on one interview. >> was he one of the winklevoss twins. >> both of them. >> i am looking at my weapons of mass creation, you only find these in dupont circle, we are having our own painting party it is an amazing creative experience good for kids and adults too. we are going to talk about how it all got started live next fox 5 morning news stay with us.  >>> maryland terms women's basketball -- terps women's basketball team got blown out. alisa thomas was selected first team all american by associated press the first time in history a sophomore received that recognition. >> rg 3 to the red skins is not a given, indianapolis colts owner says his team likes both luck and robert griffin the the third and hasn't decided which of the star quarterbacks they will take with the number one pick in the draft really. the skins have the second pick so if they take rg 3 we will take luck. draft begins april 25th. >>> coming to the movies this weekend mirror mirror. actor army hammer wh
"mirror, mirror." this with julia robert, lily collins, nathan lane. is this a play on a storyline -- snow white or something we're used to seeing? >> this is basically snow white told from the point of the view of the wicked stepmother, and its julia roberts as the stepmother, lily collins, as the daughter, nathan lane makes an appearance. directed by carson sing who brought us the fall and the cell and last year's immortals. this is the kind of a different take on snow white and the seven dwarfs. >> let's take a look. >> earl, don't fight girls. >> i shall reconsider. >> the queen thinks you're manipulating her. >> snow white meets matrix, that's what this is really about. did you like this? >> something like that. i did kind of like that. the rating on this is pg, i believe. i did kind of like this movie. i thought it was pretty fun. it's got a different take on the snow white story. one of the things it does impressively is that it gives you a new set of dwafrfs who al have distinctive personalities and none are the ones we know from the disney film. >> no sleepy? >> no sleepy, no snee
roberts. and the other charlize theron. i tell you, the gauntlet has been thrown. julia looks great. she is sort of snarky and deliciously evil. you love to hate her. it is a comic telling of the "snow white" tale. they focus more on the queen than in snow white, but she is more of a supporting role. >> i like these stories because they make snow white tough. she learns to hunt and fight and take on the evil queen. they don't have the normal dopy, happy, sneezey, but they have distinct personalities. one has an instinct to be a hairstylist. one has a crush on snow white. i was delighted. three stars. >> ok. "clash of the titans"? >> i have good news and bad news. this is real 3-d. the special effects are really good in the film and the 3-d is really good. so if you like good visual effects, you will like it. if you are interested in plots, characters, interesting story developments, this is not for you. this is a movie about gods with liam neeson playing zeus. >> some good acting? >> good actors. >> thank you, max. you can read all of max's reviews at baltimoremagazine. net. >> coming u
can relive snow white with mirror, mirror, where julia roberts plays evil queen. >> we worked on just making it big yes, meaner and funnier. >> both in theaters now. for a link to other movies go to otrc.com. >> coming up there are falls to enforce a dress code for everyone just days after a congressman got kicked off the house floor for wearing that hoody. >> new information on speed freak killers. bodies of two teenagers found in an abandoned well have been identified. stay with us. >>> good afternoon, again. the sheriff's department announced it has identified remains two of teenagers believed to be victims of the so called speed freak killers. >> convicted killer wesley shermantin gave a map of where he and his partner buried their victims in the 1980s. >> remains found in a sealed well east stockton. wayne? >> details are in the dna. the county sheriff gave us identities of two of the three victims found in that well. two teen-aged girls. you're looking at best known picture of joannea hobson of stockton when she disappeared. she would have been 45 years old. the second victim wa
julia roberts and newcomer lilia collins. although women like it men aren't expected to, especially bill. >> i have a little girl now, so i have to get ready for these movies. >> expecting to bring in $20 million. tea parties, all that. get ready. >>> and finally, and we do mean finally, we think, lindsay lohan's probation is over. yesterday, the judge gave lohan credit for completing her community service and therapy and left her with one simple piece of advice -- stop nightclubing and focus on your work. let that be a lesson to you, bill karins. i try to tell you that every morning and you just never seem to get it. >> i already nominated her way, way back then, a couple years ago, for comeback person of the year. hasn't gone so well. >> yeah, not -- >> this could be the year. >> this could be it. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc, but stay tuned. "way too early with willie geist" starts right now. >>> with marco rubio already stepping forward this week for mitt romney, the front-runner expected to pick up another huge conservative endorsement today. this as a new nbc poll
. in a word, "the hunger games" bullseye. it blew away the competition: $155 million. coming this week, julia roberts who wants snow "mirror mirror." and "wrath of the titans." >> when a man walks into a room, brings his whole life with him. "mad men" is back with 3.5 viewers. and the civil movement has traction. n draper turns the corner at 40. i loved everything except to many commercials. last night's episode included a song, a hit back in 1961 from sophia loren. >> sing a few bars. ♪ [laughter] >> commercials are good for us. tell you that. we need them. thansks, arch. sorry. n abc7 news at o 5:00, canned popcorn actually be healthy for you? yes, but a fewys stipulations. a new online trend has girls stipulations. a new online trend has girls we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me, you'll get cookies for free. nothing worked. ♪ but we started using miracle-gro garden soil. you just mix it with your backyard soil... and it feeds your plants for up to 3 months. my plants grew bigger... more beautiful... with more flowe
with your "weekend movie guide." >> julia roberts worries about her looks and bank account. as the evil queen, she sets her sights on this man, but he is stuck on snow white who looks a lot like classic beauty audrey hepburn. forget about the old story. this one has the seven dwarfs as bandits living in the forest and a juicy role for nathan lane sometimes funny, sometimes tries too hard. kids won't mind. 2.5 stars. the "hunger games" gets four stars. that's the movie to see. salmon fishing, three and a half stars. 21 jump street, three stars. undefeated, three-star is. have a nice weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> thank you. now let's look at abc 7 traffic with lisa. >> newschopper 7 as well. this is important. where they have been doing the hot lanes project, there is a change near the inner loop at braddock road. have the same amount of lanes but a shift over to the right. look how the left lane has to merge one lane over. leaving springfield approaching braddock road, i would want to be in the far right lane so i don't have to deal with that. let's go t
mirror" julia roberts. and collins. she can fight with that sword. josh got to talk to her, talked to her about her fairy tale. >> isn't she phil collins' daughter? >> yeah. >> on the precipice. >> she's so lovely. >> it's so nice to be on the precipice. to be on the precipice. >> yeah. >>> also, this morning, dr. marty is here. dr. marty becker is here with fun products that he discovered at this year's global expo. that is a german shepherd. it's not real. but it has a wolfer. we'll explain what that it is. wow, marty, bust a move, marty. >> that's a tease. >> that's the right answer. we'll find out. >>> we'll begin with the return of "titanic," one of the biggest movies of all time is coming back in 3-d. abc's nick watt crashed the cast reunion. talked about the new version and how the blockbuster changed all their lives. >> reporter: you know for me the story behind "titanic" is almost as good as the movie itself. two little known stars and a director building ridiculous sets and getting everyone wet. a 3-hour 20-minute epic that most people not it was going to crash. >>> an iceberg a
. sherri robinson her fabulous jewelry and the new review of them julia roberts movie >>jan: i am so happy one.sherryw do you define your jewelry? >> it is jewelry with attitude. and i travel the world looking for authentic unique pieces. it is a fabulous occupation. >>jan: it is one-of-a-kind. this is an amazing selection. >> i was visiting friends in japan it is authentic and original. >>jan: my style is bay, extravagant but isabel is more tailored. >> this is interesting. this is hand crocheted. ideal for somebody who is perhaps petite. >>jan: sherry, things to so much. these are fabulous. and also, these dog collars. i purchase these from you and you make peace in colors. these are a fun item. you make-these -- with hearts, charms. these are fabulous! i know dogs that are perfect for this. how people can get a hold of this. c robinsonjewerly.comthank you so much! and this new movie which actually roberts. casting is 75 percent success and this is a misjudgment. it ruins it! everything is fine. but it julia roberts is twisted. as the mean a queen. nathan lane. and this great production
out in 1990. put julia roberts on the map and solidify gere as leading man but he now calls it a silly romantic comedy. glorifying wall street type like his character edward when they were really just shallow and inconsiderate. he now says. >> berkeley filmmaker somewha somewhating a film in hometown right new and financing it by looking for backers on line. mavie is set during the red scare of the late 1940's. arts entertainment reporter takes you on to the set of witness 11. >> director ready to shoot another scene for short film witness 11. snet 1947 when activity committee was lacking for communist in the movie business there were the hollywood 10. but play right break was the 11th. >> he answered their question without answering their question. he didn't disgrace himself. he didn't dishonest himself or do ka sam yet he didn't good to jail like the rest of the hollywood 10 did. >>reporter: mitchell instructor at the film institute said the red scare fare of the 40's parallels day. a lot of what we hear in the strict in terms of what is hear in the hearing room is
" starring julia roberts. nathan lane. of course, you know the story of "snow white." it takes on a lush and provocative costume-filled, you know -- it's beautifully shot as you can see there. the story again is a girl visits the seven dwarfs. she helps them out. the evil stepmother wants to kill her. you know the story. >> everybody knows the story. >> here's a piece of the film. >> i do have one question about the evening. there was a girl there. she had black hair and was very beautiful. >> beautiful? >> i think she's the most beautiful woman in the whole world. do you know her? ivory skin, black hair. >> her hair is not black. it's raven and she's 18 years old and her skin has never seen the sun so of course it's good. >> a family film for older kids and the whole family. it's getting good reviews. rotten tomatoes gives it an 88% rating. people across the board love it. if you have kids go check it when some people struggle with their mortgage payments, they become frozen, petrified. not knowing what to do, they do nothing, b the peoplele who take actcti, are far more likely to get t
this mother of 3-year-old sent her out on the stage dressed up like julia roberts in the movie "pretty woman." yep, a hooker. what would you do if you saw this? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: our actresses, this pushy stage mom who is here to pick up the same infamous look from "toddlers & tiaras," and her pageant daughter who is 5 years old who is trying it on for the first time. our big reveal. our little pageant girl. >> oh, my goodness. you're the cutest. >> reporter: it's hard to know what this woman is thinking. >> you're a beautiful, little girl. a little sexier. what do you think? >> reporter: she sits captivated. taking it all in for the next few minutes. how about a little lipstick, shimmy at the shoulder, shimmy at the hip, walking, walking, walking. >> reporter: she's too polite to crush the mom's enthusiasm. but she can't look away. >> it's cute. it's cute for a costume. i mean, i don't know. >> tell me the truth. do you think it's too much. >> i mean, personally, i wouldn't do it for my daughter. >> reporter: it's time to meet the rest of us. >> oh, my god. this lady is out of her mi
in with julia robert, a silly rom-com. he tells "women's day" he has forgotten. it's his least-favorite movie. really? what about "dr. t. and the women"? or "autumn in new york"? huh? >> you went there. >> gere, it's on. >> i like the movies. but wow. >> i love that movie. >> those are fighting words. >>> i'm going to get through this. you know the saying. you want something done right, you do it yourself. well, it is looking like that may be true. a new study out of the u.k. finds that women spend an average of three hours a week, redoing chores that they have asked their partners to do. >> you know, i am an expert in this, as a matter of fact. >> are you, now? >> if my wife was watching right now, her head would be exploding. >> the toughest area for you, dan, and others, include cleaning countertops, straightening the sofa. >> they include, by the way. >> not limited to. right. >> the study goes on to say that most women believe that their partners try to get it right. and for that, dan, and all of you. >> an "a," for effort. >> we're ideas men. >> we're visionaries. >> it's the big pictur
and kids. this is the retelling of the snow white story in a slapstick comedy type of way. julia roberts is great as the evil queen in this. this is the family movie to go see. there's another movie coming out in june that's a little bit darker. but this is the happy comedic version. go see it if you have a family. >> will do. thank you, kim. >>> in today's number ones, only three weeks to go. have you done your taxes? if not, you're not alone. moving up from six to first on this year's list, san francisco, 40% of filers get moving within two weeks of the deadline. new york ranks second followed by los angeles with seattle in number five. washington, d.c. tops all major metros in the index for 2011. memphis comes in second, salt lake city, third. when it comes to wealth, a new survey says new york city is the second. they get high marks for economic activity and foreign influence. but the number one city is london. >>> plenty of americas are tired of snooki. but she only comes in third on the list of most overexposed celebrities. her antics pail to lindsay lohan's. who's number one? kim
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